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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing our photographs.


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Atlantis class used mixed media (ink, dip pen, felt tip, wax pastel and chalk) to make colourful rain forest frogs that they drew using 'step by step'.

Phoenix class drew round their hand and arm and then decorated them using mixed media (dip pen, ink and wax pastel). We were inspired by Mehndi (Indian hand painting).

Atlantis class started making their tree house models.

Well done to Brooke Robinson year 5, Dean Whittington Year 5 and Theo Saralis year 4, all from Endeavour class. Their ideas for the village phone box have been chosen to appear on the cover of the Summer edition of the Woolaston News magazine. Brooke's theme is 'save the environment', Dean's is a Happy birthday box' and Theo's design displays a poem about a phone box.

Discovery Class painted fluffy, yellow Spring chicks using a fork. They glued googly eyes and a beak on and drew 2 legs with a felt tip marker.

Phoenix Class added the finishing touches to their tornado sculptures by gluing collage pieces, paper, plastic etc to look like the tornado had picked them up.

Atlantis Class painted their zoo animals and enclosures. These are by Callum, George, Adam, James and Lewis.

Discovery class made collage 'night time cityscapes'. They talked about children being asleep in the rooms with black windows and mums and dads watching t.v. in rooms with the yellow (lights on) windows.

This is Phoenix class completing their ink and watercolour illustrations inspired by rock strata.

Atlantis have completed their jungle paintings inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau.

Apollo class 'Op Art'.

Gemini's dandelions were painted using a 'fork'!

This week Mercury finished their paintings inspired by artist Paul Klee's 'Forest Bird'.

Here are some recent pictures from Apollo Class. The owls are drawn in chalk pastels and the landscapes are inspired by the Grand Canyon. They are an exercise in monotone, trying to create depth by using dark shades in the foreground and lighter shades in the background. I think you will agree that Sam and Adam have achieved this really well.

Mercury Class looked at 'Forest bird' by artist Paul Klee and painted their own version. I think Lilly (bottom right) has captured Klee's painting really well, but given it her own stamp.

Endeavour class completed their space station models this week. Here are a few of them. Look up, when you next walk through the gallery to see more space stations.

This week Gemini Class completed their illustrations inspired by Victorian 'Crazy Quilts'. They added Flowers, spiders, birds etc to represent the style of embroidery and stitching found on crazy quilts.

This amazing 1m high 'Iron Giant' was made by Henry Woodley, Endeavour Class. It is made from K'nex and silver foil.

Here are a few of the papier mache birds completed by Mercury class in art this week. All of the birds will be displayed in the school art gallery during this Spring Term.

School is open to those who have registered as follows Keyworkers 1st June, Reception 4th June and Year 1 8th June. Please contact the office if you have any questions.