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Well-being Tasks

Week 11 

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt 

In these difficult times many of us have found comfort in the form of rainbows. They have been painted, drawn and stuck up in our windows as a symbol of hope. 


It feels very fitting to end the Summer Term Well-being tasks with something colourful like a rainbow. I challenge the children to go on a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt! Find things around your house and lay them out onto the floor into a rainbow shape! Have lots of fun and remember to send in your photographs, we would love to see them too!  🌈 

The Tree of Strength 

Tree of Strength Instructions:

Use a large sheet of paper. Lay your hand on the paper, fingers spread, with part of your arm on the paper as well. Trace your arm and hand, leaving the tips of the fingers open (picture 1). This will become the base of your tree – your arm is the trunk of the tree and the fingers are the beginning of branches.

At the end of the open finger tips, extend the drawing to create more branches. At the end of the branches, draw several large leaves, making them large enough that you can write in each one (picture 2).

On each leaf write one thing that helps you get through a difficult time – this can include personal strengths, coping strategies, enjoyable activities, and supportive people.

Color, paint, or decorate your tree as you wish (picture 3).


Have fun with this, you have all shown so much strength throughout this difficult time! 

Mapping Feelings

There is a physiological response to every emotion we experience. Helping your child make the connection between these physiological responses and the emotions they are caused by is key when teaching coping skills to children.

Use this  body map to help your child learn what happens to their bodies in different emotional states. Get them to color in the different parts of their body that they can feel reacting.

Week 10

Looking ahead! 

As we approach the end of the summer term, in school we focus on transitioning into the children’s new classes for September. Here are some activities you can do at home to help talk about the transition into their new year group. 

Vision board – Have the children create a vision board of things they want to do in the future. You could suggest they think about tomorrow, next week, or over the summer, or even next school year! You can include drawings, cut out magazines, write your own sentences or even include your own photographs.


All about me – Draw a self portrait or glue a photograph of yourself to the middle of some paper. Around the edges write some words that best describe you. Are you an animal lover? Are you sporty? What’s your favourite food? Who is your best friend at school? This is a brilliant way for your new Class Teacher to get to know all about you! 


Relaxation Activities 

ELSA Support - FREE Downloads 

Week 9 

Well-being June Activities

Supporting your children’s well-being from home

If you are feeling worried about the wellbeing of your children at home right now, try not to worry about the set school work. The other stuff they will catch up with later on. It’s important to remember children who are having a hard time regulating their emotions struggle to take in information well. 


There is a 5 a day for wellbeing explained on the MIND website. 


•    Connect


•    Give 


•    Notice


•    Learn something new 


•    Be active


Try and fit all of those things in. 


Connect with others - can be a phone call to a friend, zoom chat, facetime etc. meeting up with other people and maintaining social distancing of course!


Give is about helping others in some way. Make them feel important and give them jobs to do to help. 


Notice is about mindfulness or just noticing things when you go out for walks. Notice the bees on the flowers, notice the clouds in the sky. 


Learn is about learning something new. Let them choose something they want to learn to do or to learn about. I am following a lovely mum on Instagram who is doing all her own lessons now and yesterday the children learnt about bees. Don't be scared of doing your own thing. Follow their interests. 


Be active is just that. Kids need to be active and run some energy off. Make sure they get out every day and get them exercising in someway.

Mindfulness - create a calming glitter jar

Rainy day activity

Week 8


Motivational Minutes

No Worries Activities

Week 7

60 Motivational Minutes

“No Worries Activities”

Week 6

Gloucestershire Lego Challenge

No Worries Activities

Week 5 

Mindfulness Minutes

No Worries Activities

Week 4

No Worries Activities - by consultant Dr Sharie Coombes

Happy Newspaper activities

Mental Health Awareness Week 18-24th May

This year the theme is kindness.  There are some family kindness activities to choose from here:

Week 3 

Week 2

Happy Hippo The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Strictly Dancing - copy the dance moves and teach your grown ups!

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Keeping Active
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