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(Year 1) Gemini

Welcome to Gemini!





Mrs Clayton - Gemini Class Teacher

Mrs D'Andrea - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hayes - 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Woolaston School. This is now my second year at Woolaston Primary School, and my fourth year teaching in Year 1. This is my favourite year group to teach as I love seeing how much progress the children make within the year. I understand that it is a big step for the children and their first experience of a more formal learning environment and find that doing this slowly and still encouraging independent  learning and free play at the beginning of the year means the children have a smoother transition.


As a teacher I understand that children learn in different ways and this is why I set a range of activities to engage all my learners. I encourage the children to use their imaginations and be as creative as they can.

I hope your children have as much of an enjoyable year in Gemini Class as I plan to have and my door is always open for parents/carers to speak to me about their child.


Children in Year 1 throughout the country will all be taking part in a phonics screening check during the same week in June. The test contains 40 words. Each child will sit one to-one and read each word aloud to a teacher. The test will take approximately 10 minutes per child, although all children are different and will complete the check at their own pace. The list of words the children read is a combination of 20 real words and 20 pseudo words (nonsense words).

How can you help your child at home?

• Play lots of sound and listening games with your child.

• Read as much as possible to and with your child.

• Encourage and praise – get them to have a ‘good guess’.

• If your child is struggling to decode a word, help them by encouraging them to say each sound in the word from left to right.

• Blend the sounds by pointing to each one, e.g. /c/ in cat, /p/ in pat, /ng/ in sing, /ee/ in been.

• Discuss the meaning of words if your child does not know what they have read.


Follow this link for lots of resources for parents focused on the phonics we learn in school.


Follow this link for help with how to pronounce the sounds we learn in school. 

Dear Mr Jones...

Still image for this video
Take a look at a video we put together to help us to source materials for revamping our outdoor play area. The children wrote to a local building supplier, TJ Services Ltd. Have a look at their super writing and measuring work!
School is open to those who have registered as follows Keyworkers 1st June, Reception 4th June and Year 1 8th June. Please contact the office if you have any questions.