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Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

(Year 2) Mercury

Welcome to Mercury!




Mrs Baker

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Mrs L. Thomas and Mrs N. Bennett-Coleman, “Mercury” Class Teachers


Welcome to Woolaston School, I am Leanne Thomas and I teach the children in Mercury class alongside Mrs Nataline Bennett Coleman. Mrs Caron Baker is the Teaching Assistant within the class. Mrs Bennett Coleman teaches the class on a Monday afternoon and all day on a Friday. Whilst I teach the children on a Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.



PE day for Mercury class is a Monday and Wednesday and the children should come to school already dressed in their PE kit on these days.



Homework day for Mercury class is a Monday. Spellings will be uploaded on to the website on a Monday and the children will have 1 week to learn them. They will have a test on the following Monday. 


Reading Books

Reading books need to be brought into school every Wednesday. The children have their own reading books and records in school (which will remain in school so that we can hear them read) and then they will bring home two reading books each week (please take your time to enjoy the books and to ensure that your child is able to read them fluently and understands the texts). The children will not bring a yellow reading record book home. If you want the home reading books changed they need to be in school on the Wednesday and new books will be issued on the Wednesday or Thursday. When books are returned to school they have to be placed in a quarantine box where they will remain for 72 hours before being put back into circulation. 



World Book Day 2021

Please click on the link below, to access our Christmas video

PSHE Planning 2020-21

Read Write Inc

Use this link to support you with Set 2 and 3 Read Write Inc sounds.


Home Learning 04.01.21

PHSE  Lesson 1 - Keeping personal details private when online

Our new topic this term is internet safety. What does your child already know about internet safety ? 

Watch Hector's World Part 1 on Youtube and discuss. What is personal information ? (name, address, age, telephone number, where you live and where you go to school) Talk about the importance of not revealing personal information over the internet and the value of using a nickname. Design a poster promoting keeping personal details private when online.


Spelling Lesson 2 - Using these words in a sentence

Use the spellings you have been given to write sentences which should include on the most basic level, a capital letter and a full stop. Handwriting should be securely on the line and joined by now, excluding the capital letter which is never joined. To make sentences more interesting, include some description by using adjectives, maybe even the power of 3 !





  • Practice counting in tens from any given two digit number e.g. from 34 or 53
  • How many ways can you make 10 with different digits? How many ways can you make 20?
  • Roll a dice three times and add the three numbers together. Repeat 5 times.
  • Practice adding two 2 digit numbers together. First don't cross the tens e.g. 45+32 and 37+21. When you can do this, try crossing the tens e.g. 54+37 or 68+23
  • Practice counting backwards in tens from any given number e.g. from 67, 99, 76.



  • Complete the Expanded Noun Phrases Workbook
  • Complete the Commas in lists Workbook
  • Write a list of 10 things you would take to the moon.



  • Make a fact file about Neil Armstrong. Why was he famous? When was he born and when did he die? What interesting facts do you know?


  • Think about what needs a baby has? Can they do the same things as us? Do they need help? How do their parents keep them warm? How do they make sure they are not hungry? How can they make them comfortable? How do their parents keep them safe? You could make a poster to show the ways the parents meet the needs of their baby.

Spellings and Handwriting


Dear Mercury Parents and Children,

Happy New Year !

This term, Mercury will continue with the the requirements of the Spelling syllabus but will also begin learning how to spell the Common Exception Words which relate to their age group. Many of them can be grouped into 'families' so it makes sense to learn the spellings of these words together in 'family' sets. We are also continuing with the joined approach to our handwriting.

 These words will be introduced this Monday 4th January and tested on Monday 11th January.

Remember, Parents, it is good practise to carry out a short assessment by getting your child to write the words down on a Monday evening so you can both see where the spelling errors are. Then, daily, ‘Teach something new and then review’. In other words, daily, work on a new word but don’t finish the session without reviewing the previously learnt spellings.

Encourage your child to learn all ten words if they can, but if not, aim in the first instance for the Common Exception Word Set plus as many of the rest as possible.

The words this week are words that end in the sound of 'i' but which are spelt with a 'y' - not too tricky I hope for the first week back ! 

Common Exception Word Set - door, poor, floor

shy, dry, try, why, reply, July, multiply

Best Wishes, Mrs Bennett-Coleman












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