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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs G. Yoxall - Head teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs J. Carter - "Discovery Class" Reception
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs S. Madurasinghe - “Discovery Class” Reception
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs N. Clayton - "Gemini Class" (Year 1)
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs L. Thomas - "Mercury Class" (Year 2)
Teaching Staff 6 Miss A. Farr - "Mercury Class" (Year 2)
Teaching Staff 7 Mr C. Rushton – “Phoenix Class” (Year 3)
Teaching Staff 8 Miss L. Ashton-Rikardt – “Atlantis Class” (Year 4)
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs E. McDonald "Apollo Class" (Year 5)
Teaching Staff 10 Mr J. Cox - "Endeavour Class" (Year 6)
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs J. Rees – HLTA/Specialist French Teacher (KS2)
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs Y. Thompson – Specialist Art Teacher
Teaching Staff 13 Mr S. Davies - Sports Coach
Teaching Staff 14 Archie - Pet Therapy Dog

Teaching Assistants

 Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs C. Guest HLTA & TA
 Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs T. D’Andrea HLTA & TA
 Teaching Assistants 3 Miss Nicole Hulme TA
 Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs J. Brooks 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 5 Miss M. Gibbs 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 6 Miss F. Scriven 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 7 Miss D. Green 1:1 support and 1:1 interventions
 Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs C. Baker TA
 Teaching Assistants 9 Miss J. Niblett 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 10 Miss E. Dobbs 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs E. Phillips 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs J. Lewis 1:1 and small group interventions

Administration Staff

 Administration Staff 1 Office Manager: Mrs V. Admans
 Administration Staff 2 Office Administrator: Mrs H. Price

Lunchtime Support Staff

Lunchtime Support Staff 1 Mrs J. Jamieson
Lunchtime Support Staff 2 Mrs L. Skidmore
Lunchtime Support Staff 3 Mrs W. Chiswell
Lunchtime Support Staff 4 Mrs R. Reeves
If you require a paper copy of any of our documents please speak to Mrs Admans or Mrs Price in the school office who would be very happy to help.