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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs G. Yoxall - Head teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs J. Carter - Discovery Class (Reception)
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs S. Madurasinghe - Discovery Class (Reception)
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs N. Clayton - Gemini Class (Year 1)
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs L. Thomas - Mercury Class (Year 2)
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs N. Bennett - Coleman - Mercury Class (Year 2)
Teaching Staff 7 Miss L. Ashton-Rikardt Phoenix (Year 3)
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs E. Gomersall- Deputy Head - Atlantis (Year 4)
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs J. Lewis - Atlantis (Year4) and Interventions
Teaching Staff 10 Mr C. Rushton – Apollo Class (Year 5)
Teaching Staff 11 Mr J. Cox - Endeavour Class (Year 6)
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs J. Rees – HLTA/Specialist French Teacher (KS2)
Teaching Staff 13 Mrs Y. Thompson – Specialist Art Teacher
Teaching Staff 14 Mr S. Davies - Sports Coach
Teaching Staff 15 Archie - Pet Therapy Dog

Teaching Assistants

 Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs C. Guest HLTA & TA
 Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs T. D’Andrea HLTA & TA
 Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs A. Davies TA
 Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs C. Baker TA
 Teaching Assistants 5 Miss J. Niblett 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs K. Aston 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 7 Miss F. Scriven 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs J. Brooks 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 9 Miss D. Green 1:1 support and 1:1 interventions
 Teaching Assistants 10 Miss M. Gibbs 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 11 Miss E. Dobbs 1:1 support
 Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs E. Phillips 1:1 support

Administration Staff and Handy Person

 Administration Staff  and  Handy Person 1 Office Manager: Mrs V. Admans
 Administration Staff  and  Handy Person 2 Office Administrator: Mrs H. Price
 Administration Staff  and  Handy Person 3 Handy Person; Mr P. Chiswell

Lunchtime Support Staff

Lunchtime Support Staff 1 Mrs J. Jamieson
Lunchtime Support Staff 2 Mrs L. Skidmore
Lunchtime Support Staff 3 Mrs W. Chiswell
Lunchtime Support Staff 4 Ms Julie Meakin
If you require a paper copy of any of our documents please speak to Mrs Admans or Mrs Price in the school office who will be very happy to help. These documents are provided free of charge.