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Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

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Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’


Attendance at School

Good attendance is celebrated at Woolaston Primary School.  Please remember that school starts at 9.00 and ends at 3.05 for the lower school and 3.15 for the upper school. Prompt delivery and collection of children will help them form good routines for later in life.  Irregular attendance seriously disrupts the continuity of learning, undermines educational progress, can lead to underachievement and low attainment, and impedes the child’s ability to develop friendship groups within the school.


If you arrive at school after 9.00 please use the office entrance 


Good Attendance + Punctuality = Success



Absence from School

All pupils should attend school for every session that is available to them, unless the reason for their absence is one that meets the school’s criteria for authorising absences, e.g. illness, non-routine medical/dental appointments, religious observance, educational visits, and another unavoidable cause.


If your child is ill and unable to attend school please ring the school on 01594 529270 before 9.30.  . An answer machine is available for you to leave a message. Please leave the following information, so we are able to record the absence appropriately on the register:-

-Child's name


-Reason for absence


Due to changes in legislation as of 1st September 2013 the school is no longer able to authorise holidays in term time except in exceptional circumstances. Please complete the form below and email it to for any absence requests  Where absences are unauthorised warning letters and penalty notices will be issued.


Please refer to the 'Policies' section of this website, which can be found via the 'Parent' menu for the latest Attendance Policy.

Gloucestershire Local Authority has produced information leaflets that parents are advised to download and read. These leaflets are available using the link below:


Leaflet for parents about attendance

Leaflet for parents about Penalty Notices

Leaflet for parents about Prosecution for Non-attendance at school



For more information about Forest Edge Federation proposal, please visit the Key Information tab - Proposal to Federate