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Woolaston Primary School

'Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

Supporting Your Child's Learning

At Home


Many parents ask for “homework” or ways they can help their child at home. Below are a few suggestions which you may find useful.


“Formal Work” 



If your child is having difficulty with reading, hearing him/her read regularly at home is invaluable. If your child is a fluent reader, he/she might not want to read aloud to you, but you can always ask questions about the text or about the meanings of words, or share ideas about the book or the author together. Books don’t need to be school ones! If your child wants to bring in a book from home to read in school, that is fine – as long as it is at a suitable level.



Much practice with joined-up writing is needed. Watching your child write and checking that the letters are formed correctly is helpful. If your child is having particular difficulty we will work on some strategies to help. Come and talk to us.



These are normally sent home once a week and can be used in conjunction with handwriting and computer keyboard practice. Strategies for helping your child with spellings are given at the front of the spelling list books.



Check that your child knows the following: Days of the week, months of the year, the alphabet.

Your child could also memorise the “month rhyme”-


30 days has bright September April June and dull November All the rest have 31, Except February clear, Which has 28 and 29 in each leap year.


Tables to learn 2x 5x 10x 3x 4x 6x 7x 8x 9x 11x 12x


Telling the time

This can be a real problem! Practising little and often (analogue and digital) is the key.


Other work

If you would like “pencil and paper” work, the larger book stores have many activity books for children of all ages


“Informal Work”


  • Playing board games and card games.
  • Listening to and talking with your child about their school work or anything and everything!
  • Opportunities for creativity e.g. painting, cooking – messy but fun!
  • Making the most of everyday situations e.g. shopping, using money, adding the numbers on car number plates etc.
  • Visiting places of interest; museums, castles, local events and shows, concerts and plays.
  • Using the internet to research information about our themes.
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