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Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’


Available From: My Clothing. You can order uniform from our on-site shop through the Tesco website. Please click here for   After logging on, look for the uniform embroidery service and click on shop now. Locate ‘Gloucestershire’ in the drop down menu and then click on W in the alphabetical bar. You will then be in the Woolaston school shopping area. My Clothing have told us that it usually takes 14 days to receive your garments.



  •   All clothing and belongings must be clearly labelled.
  •   Labels are available from  The school will receive 30% commission when  you quote our fundraising number 25903 with your order.
  • Children with long hair should have it tied back using a plain,  “Alice”-style hair band and plain “Kirby”-style hair-grips.  Decorative or embellished hairbands, bobbles/elastics/scrunchies and hair-grips must not be worn. 
  • No jewellery should be worn in school. Children with pierced ears may wear plain studs. These must be removed for all PE activities and the child must be able to put them back in themselves.  Children are allowed to wear watches but these must be a small, plain wrist watch not linked to any games or online applications.
  • No nail varnish.

The uniform consists of;




  • Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers.
  • White blouse/shirt or  red/white polo neck shirt.
  • School sweatshirt or red jumper or cardigan.
  • White or grey socks or red or grey tights.
  • Black shoes with heels no higher than 3cm (1.25″) measured from the back of the heel.
  • (Trainers are not acceptable footwear for school shoes)




  • Red & white gingham dresses or grey shorts
  • White blouse/shirt or red/white polo neck shirt
  • White or grey socks
  • Black, brown or white shoes or black, brown or white closed toe sandals with heels no higher than 3cm (1.25″)




  • Black / Navy shorts
  • White T-Shirt /Polo Shirt
  • Plimsolls (daps) or Trainers 
  • Spare socks
  • Leggings / Tracksuit bottoms (Red, Black or Navy) (Winter)
  • Hooded top optional (Red, Black or Navy) (Winter)




  • One piece swimming suit and swimming cap if hair is long
  • Towel



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