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Woolaston Primary School

'Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

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Woolaston Primary School

'Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

School Council

Woolaston School Council

A School Council is a formal group of children within a school who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views. 

Our Aim

Our aim is to have a positive impact both inside and outside of the school community.

Our Charity

Together with Eco Council, we have decided to support the RSPCA throughout this year.



School Council are planning their first event of Children in Need. Look out for the posters.

Letter of Applications 2023-24


The children in Year 6 all wrote to Miss Lane and Mrs Thomas to apply for the School Council positions. These were then submitted and children were chosen for the position based on the content of their letter.

Our Year 6 School Council Committee (2023-24)

Eva  - Chairperson of the School Council

Lara - Vice Chairperson 

Sophie - Secretary

Hayden - Treasurer



Our Class Representatives (2023-24)

Each class, has two School Council Representatives who attend fortnightly meetings and bring ideas for the items on the agenda. They then feedback to their classes and discuss the agenda set for the next meeting. Each class has a suggestion box, which the class representatives bring to meetings.



Starlings class- Leo and Hollie

Robin Class - Reggie and Eli

Woodpecker Class - Finn and Lucy






Thank you to the PTA for the new playtime equipment. It really has transformed our play times. We never get bored as we have different equipment on each day of the week. This ranges from badminton and tennis to circus equipment. 




Bat and Ball games (badminton, tennis etc)




Circus Skills – Stilts, plate spinning etc





Throwing and Frisbee 

(Assorted Balls and Frisbees)


Jenga blocks


Hula-hooping and Skipping


Jenga blocks


Throwing and Catching



Quotes from children about the new playtime equipment.

You can play on your own or with friends- Jack C

The equipment in amazing. Reg

I like the different shaped balls - they're really bouncy. Bethan

I like Wednesday with the spinning plates and pom poms. Imogen

I love the hoops. I'm getting better at hula hooping. Jack B

I like Friday's box. I like the throwing and catching equipment and I'm getting better at catching. Leo


WE ARE A GOOD SCHOOL… in all areas! - Ofsted 2023 / Attendance for Week Commencing 3rd July 2024 - Sparrow 92.5%, Starling 96%, Robin 95.5%, Woodpeckers 97.1%, Heron 94.5% Whole School Attendance 95.1%