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Woolaston Primary School

'Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

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Woolaston Primary School

'Together we grow, achieve and celebrate’

Eco Council

Each class have elected two members to become part of our Eco-Council.

The Eco Council work together to provide the tools to promote and develop sustainability throughout our school. We involve teachers, pupils and members of the community to ensure that everyone works together to improve the quality of our school and encourage environmentally friendly changes.


Our Aim 

This year, the Eco council committee are aiming to achieve the Eco-schools green flag award. 

The children are currently in the process of completing a survey of our school to identify the key areas they would like to aim to improve this year. 


Our chosen charity 

This year, Eco-council have decided to work alongside the School Council to support the RSPCA.


Meet our Eco-committee:

Starling Class - Evie and Sophie

Robin Class - Austin and Dreshya

Kingfisher Class - Rafferty and Evelyn 

Heron Class - Eli and Daisy




Our Eco–code

As an Eco-committee, we have worked together to create a new Eco-code for our school. This is a set of promises that we want to raise awareness of so all members of our school work together to become eco-friendly.


W - Woolaston school wants to help protect our environment

O – Oceans and its sea life are being damaged by plastic.

O– Our climate is changing. We should too!

L – learning and education is key to helping our environment.

A – Animals are becoming extinct and their homes are becoming endangered.

S – Save on pollution by reducing the use of a car.

T – Together we can increase the amount of recycling taking place.

O – Our school and the community can make changes.

N – Now is the time to spread the word and save our earth!





WE ARE A GOOD SCHOOL… in all areas! - Ofsted 2023 / Attendance for Week Commencing 10th June 2024 - Sparrow 92.8%, Starling 94.8%, Robin 90.9%, Woodpeckers 95.2%, Heron 92.1% Whole School Attendance 93.1%